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Friday, September 27, 2013


We regret to announce that Jobella is officially closed for business as of  Monday September 16, 2013. 

Per our store policy, anything brought in to the store outside of the 90 day window of the official closing of the store posted here, HAS BEEN DONATED TO CHARITY.  The organizations that we donate to include The Society of St. Vincent DePaul, Goodwill Industries, and The Epilepsy Foundation of America. 

Any items brought in for consignment within 90 days of September 16, 2013, the official close date, will be collected and returned by appointment only.  Accounts with activity within this 90 day period will be reconciled between now and December 31, 2013.  Consigners that fall within this category will be contacted within this period with an option to schedule an appointment for pick up, or request donation. 

Any balances due will be mailed to the address on file after all reconciliations have taken place.  These reconciliations will take place between now and December 31, 2013. 

We just want to take this time to thank you for your patronage.  It was an exciting 4 and a half years and we will miss you all. -

-Thank You

Friday, May 3, 2013


Yesterday, while I was working in my little Boutique in Geveva Il, I met a very cool person that has given me the inspriation to collect and donate scarves for Breast Cancer Survivors while they are in transition of loosing and growing out their hair.

It was a slow day in the store. In walks a woman that tells me she is looking for either a silk or a chiffon like scarf. Her hair was short and gray. She told me that she wanted it for her hair. We picked out a few for her to try on. It took a few minutes, but she found a few that she liked. In the process, we started to talk "hair". She was telling me that she didn't know what to do with her hair so short while it was growing out. I asked her if she just got a new cut and she said "No, I am a Breast Cancer Survivor, and my hair used to be blonder and longer". She lost it during Chemo, and it is growing back, and it is coming in gray. I would have never guessed. I thought that she just had short gray hair.

In the next ten minutes, I saw a complete transformation of attitude. She felt good. I could see it. And I could even feel it. She came in to buy a scarf and ended up buying three. She left very confident and excited, and told me that she would return on Saturday to purchase one that I had listed on EBAY and had been storing at my home. We had such a great conversation, and I felt good about the transaction. About 5 minutes later, she came back. She was so happy and confident about these simple pieces of fabric, and how they made her feel during this transition in her life, that she bought ANOTHER.

After she left. Something really bothered me. It was at that very moment that I decided that when she returns on Saturday, I would GIVE her the scarf that she liked on EBAY that I was storing, and I will also refund her the $30.00 purchase that she made. Something so simple meant so much to her. I thought "the look on her face of confidence was certainly worth more than $30.00 means to me". This morning, after giving a great deal of thought to what had transpired, I decided to roll out "Project Jobella".


I am asking you to please share this post with everyone that you know. My goal is to collect 1,000 (minimum) scarves to donate to area Hospitals for surviving patients just like the beautiful woman that inspired me to do this.

THESE SCARVES WILL NOT BE SOLD. They will be collected and distributed throughout Chicagoland area hospitals. We will accept any new, used, or vintage scarves without rips, stains or snags. No winter scarves. Something that can be worn on the head like the photo shown.

I can't do this alone. I need your help. Please Share. Tell all of your friends. You can drop a scarf in the mail and send it to
310 Campbell
Geveva, Il 60134

Or, feel free to drop them off at the same address. We are open Tuesday - Sat. If we are not open they can be dropped through our mail slot.

Please join me in making a difference. If you could have seen her smile you would be inspired as well. Help me make these ladies SMILE!!!!!!!! They deserve it!


Amy Santoro
Owner: Jobella

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jobella Fun Facts!

Jobella has this necklace for sale by designer Rodrigo Otazu. Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing one of his famous necklaces in Sex and the City 2. She was wearing a seed pearl necklace by Rodrigo Otazu inspired by his first view of Sydney Harbour.

This necklace by Rodrigo Otazu (shown) is available in the store or buy it through Jobella Online NOW!  Bidding starts at $49.00!  Click on the SHOP ONLINE tab at the top of the page to shop our EBAY store NOW!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jobella Online is up and running once again! Click to Shop Online! Watch for many more listings in the near future!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A History of the Hermes Scarf

Along with the Birkin bag, the Hermes scarf has become one of the most recognized label’s creations. Each scarf is hand-printed and hand-stitched. Besides, it has a secret that you might not have known – scarves are made with a scent!

Originally made of silk Hermes scarf measures 90 cm × 90 cm and weighs 65 grams. To manufacture one piece 250 mulberry moth cocoons are necessary. When the fabric is ready it is hand-printed by Hermes professionals who have to apply up to forty three silk screens to achieve the effect. One screen is for one color of the scarf.
Motifs for scarves have ranged from the germane (such as the French Revolution or French Cuisine) to the unexpected (such as the flora and fauna of Texas). However, the most common prints for Hermes scarf are the equestrian and military motifs.
Every year only two collections of scarves are released, and some older versions of the legendary scarf are made. Year by year the sale of Hermes scarf is increasing and on holidays like Christmas scarves literally fly off shelves, selling a piece every 20 seconds despite the fact the average price for the item is 300 euros.
Today Hermes manufactures cashmere/silk blend scarves for colder seasons. Both types of scarves are popular with customers.

Hermes has released a book about their scarves entitled The Herm├Ęs Scarf: History and Mystique. The book tells the history of Hermes scarf and reveals the technology of its production. Besides, the reader can find information about multiple ways of wearing the scarf.
The number of fans of Hermes scarf includes lots of celebrities who value the piece for its quality and the status it gives to the wearer. Queen Elisabeth II, Audrey Hepburn, Kylie Minogue, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Clinton, Mariah Carey, and Madonna – all were spotted wearing Hermes scarves.

Available at Jobella instore and online NOW!!!!
Online store is up and running!  Many items to be added soon!  Stay tuned.......

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just In...4 Vintage Hermes Scarves....Need I Say More....